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Chetana Vikas' vision is "empowerment of the individual and of the community for sustainable development of their own respective lives. Chetana Vikas follows a two way approach of building up critical consciousness among people(i.e CHETANA)and Development of human and physical resources(VIKAS). Their objective is to integrate the disadvantaged sections of society, especially women, small farmers, labourers and socially deprived sections, into the mainstream of development, empower them to contribute and receive strength from it. Solar fence demo project: MFE has funded a demo innovation project of a prototype already innovated and developed by Chetana Vikas. The funding enabled setting up and testing the feasibility, efficacy and efficiency of at least 7 demo solar fence models directly or via Farmer's Self Help Organizations on sites in Vidarbha. Further, a team of 7 village technicians were trained to maintain and service these models. Extensive data collection was also done to see the impact of the same on cropping patterns.

Area of Work

Health and Wellbeing


Wardha Maharashtra

Supported by MFE since


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