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Motivation for Excellence Initiative (MFE) is the commonly used name for the Mumbai-based  RG Manudhane Foundation for Excellence. It was set up as a legacy to society by the late R.G. Manudhane (1921-2012), a quiet, self-made, ‘rags-to-riches’ man whose life exemplified a continuous striving for values-based excellence.


At MFE we target specific subsets of 2 broad areas: ‘Education & Training’ and ‘Health-Care & Well-being’. MFE selects and then funds programs in these areas, run by partner organizations (typically NGOs). In these cases we collaborate with dynamic partners, supporting them with resources in the form of grants, guidance, and networking. However, in one notable exception,  MFE initiated, and runs, the program.


We prefer longer-term relationships to improve the odds of success, and encourage eventual self-sufficiency for each program.