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SNEHA is a secular, Mumbai-based non-profit organization working to improve the health of women and children in the most vulnerable urban informal settlements. SNEHA works in partnership with public systems, with financial support from various corporate entities and non-profit organizations, to achieve the organization’s objectives and deliver on its mission.

SNEHA works in vulnerable informal settlements in Mumbai city and surrounding cities of Greater Mumbai. SNEHA addresses four major areas of public health viz:

  • Maternal and newborn Health

  • Child health and nutrition

  • Prevention of violence against women and children

  • Adolescent physical and mental health, gender and sexuality

Project on Children’s Safety and Wellbeing

This program aims to nurture an ecosystem of non-tolerance to violence against children and reinforce the idea of safety and well-being of children through a socioecological approach, with the involvement of children, parents and community members

Children residing in urban settlements, grow up with greater freedom from all forms of violence; and those who experience violence benefit from more appropriate care, support and access to justice needed to ensure physical, mental and social well-being.

  • To raise awareness with 1800 community members to change social norms

  • To conduct 432 home visitation and health worker outreach (24 per month for 18 months)

  • To undertake 240 group-educational module sessions with 16 children’s group in four clusters in 18 months

  • To undertake 240 sessions on integrating gender socialisation into parenting programs with 16 parent’s group in four clusters in 18 months

  • To encourage and build individual voluntarism by creating 48 volunteers in the clusters to address violence against children in the communities

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