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Current Grantees

Institute for Psychological Health


Area of Work

Health and Wellbeing


Thane, Maharashtra

Supported by MFE since

IPH is an organisation that provides holistic intervention to individuals with psychological problems. Every service at IPH is Linked with either a support group or a developmental workshop as a mental health sensitization programme. IPH provides a blend of Individual & Family approach & also integration of curative & developmental models. Their services include:

  1. In-house work: It is done mostly at the IPH activity center and includes work with individuals with problems and their caregivers. Also includes groups for development and those dealing with disorders and distress.

  2. Community Outreach work: It includes conducting public programs for increasing awareness and promoting mental health.

  3. Industrial Outreach work: It includes working with industrial houses providing their work force with inputs related to mental health enhancement and effective interpersonal functioning.

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