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Current Grantees

Tata Trusts - DMHP & RMHP


Area of Work

Health and Wellbeing


Nagpur, Maharashtra

Supported by MFE since


The District Mental Health Program for Nagpur (Program) is a collaborative program between Tata Trust, MFE and Government of Maharashtra. The program has been designed with a view of providing services at the primary care level using a non-specialist workforce based on the principles of task shifting and task sharing. This program is being developed as an efficacious and replicable model that can be scaled up in the state and elsewhere in the country. In 1996, District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) was started under the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) to decentralize mental health services and to provide mental health services at the community level by integrating mental health with the general healthcare delivery system.

3 main objectives of DMHP include:

  1. To ensure the availability and accessibility of minimum mental healthcare.

  2. Encourage the application of mental health knowledge in general healthcare and social development.

  3. Promote community participation in mental health service development and to stimulate efforts toward self-help in the community.

Regional Mental Health Hospital: Established in 1864, the hospital continues, like other psychiatric hospitals in the country, to have abandoned persons with chronic mental illness who have become institutionalised. Through Udaan, the Trusts’ effort is to offer an alternative narrative in the global mental health space through systematic and evidence-based reforms, repurposing the role of a psychiatric hospital to offer vulnerable people an important element of care that is otherwise not available in low-resource settings.

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