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Tata Memorial Centre


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Tata Memorial Centre

As the premier cancer centre in the country, TMC will provide leadership for guiding the national policy and strategy for cancer care by: Promoting outstanding service through evidence based practice of oncology, emphasis on research which is affordable, innovative and relevant to the needs of the country. The Centre is committed to providing education in cancer for students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public.

MFE Supported Programs at the Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

  • Development of Low dose Immunotherapy in India

DELLI is the study that is being conducted by the Department of Medical Oncology, in the outpatient wing of Tata Memorial Centre. Its primary objective is to compare the overall survival of low dose nivolumab with physician choice standard of care. As an outcome of this research DELLI is also aiming to assess and compare the objective response (complete or partial response) to treatment, disease control rate, progression free survival, toxicity and  quality of life (QOL).

  • Virtual Reality Simulator System and Lab

Through the support of Motivation for Excellence, the Centre has introduced a simulator based Basic Bronchoscopy and a Advanced Bronchoscopy Training Module in their Bronchoscopy Training Programme for all hospital trainees where bronchoscopy and airways training is a mandatory part of the curriculum. The study and advance training in this subject ensures that more safety and comfort can be provided to the patient undergoing the procedure at the hands of the observers and trainees. It has also enabled the department to reach out to many more potential trainees across the country. With the use of airways and pleural mannequins, the Centre is now able to train many doctors across specialities on airways and pleural procedures.

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