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Current Grantees

Lok Samanway

Area of Work

Women Empowerment and Wellbeing


Nandurbar and Jalgaon Districts, Maharashtra

Supported by MFE since


Lok Samanway Pratishthan is a Maharashtra based organization that has been actively mobilising the tribal community through interventions like establishment and promotion of self help groups, grain banks and Kishori Vikas Manch to name a few. Their objective is to curb migration for seasonal labour and empower the tribals to enhance livelihoods within their own communities.

Lok Samanway Pratishthan implements programmes for marginal land holder tribals through establishment of Krishi Mandals for cost-effective and organic farming.various programmes for capacity building among the tribal for – local governance, tribal self-rule, women’s participation in gram-sabha, strengthen the village education committees, management of natural resources. Lok Samanway Pratishthan is a member of the government’s district level committee for the efficient implementation of the Navsanjivani Yojana in Nandurbar District. All their activities are focus on the empowerment and improved participation of women from these tribal communities. In addition, Lok Samanway has also been active in addressing the concern of malnutrition and sickle-cell anemia in and around the Nandurbar region in Maharashtra.

Enhancing Livelihoods of Tribal Women in Maharashtra through Farming

Motivation for Excellence is supporting Lok Samanway Pratishthan's intervention in enhancing livelihood security based on agriculture and allied activities of IFR beneficiaries from tribal communities, by developing skills of women in the farming sector. The project interventions include multiple activities designed to strengthen the capacity of women as farmers. This program covers 30 villages in the Nandurbar and Jalgaon Districts of Maharashtra.

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