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Leadership for Equity

Leadership For Equity is a systems change & research organization that helps strengthen the effectiveness of government school systems. Their mission is to develop low-cost, effective and replicable models for teacher performance, officer development and student learning. They co-create Government programs, in three key areas, using existing government resources and people:-
1) Enabling Teachers to improve teaching practices, through learning communities and leveraging technology
2) Enabling academic & administrative officers to effectively design programs and run their departments
3) Advising senior leadership in designing policies in areas of teacher & officer development and education technology

MFE Supported Programs:

LFE successfully piloted and established the Nalanda Blended Learning Model in Nashik Zilla Parishad semi-english schools and is now working on scaling the model to other, marathi medium schools in the district. Through the Nalanda Implementation Program, LFE has also supported the Nashik Zilla Parishad's education leadership to optimize policies and processes to improve the performance grade indicators in the areas of student learning, teacher support and officer development.

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