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321 Education Foundation

321 focuses on empowering educators in order to facilitate a more interesting and interactive methodology of teaching in our schools. Their programs include:
1) Individualised support for teachers through workshops and one-on-one coaching
2) World class curriculum and tools for teachers and students
3) Student level data analytics to measure student progress and for program innovation
4) Continuous communication and engagement with parents and schools

MFE Supported Programs:

Ignite 3.0 is an integrated early grades program for 5 grades (Lower Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2 and 3) to ensure significant improvements in student learning. The program will provide academic support to primary schools and teachers covering primary education in English and Mathematics.
The program includes:
1) Ongoing incidental & individualised support for each teacher to ensure higher curriculum adaptation
2) World class curriculums
3) Ongoing student level data analytics

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