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Education & Training

Area of Work

Thane District, Maharashtra


Supported by MFE since


Quest's purpose is to enrich the learning experience of underserved children through the professional development of teachers and educators. They are committed to:

  1. Provide quality education to every individual.

  2. Promote education as an enjoyable journey of self discovery.

  3. Develop inspired educators for widening the reach of progressive, child-centred education.

  4. Develop replicable models of quality education, for children attending pre-school and elementary school from rural, tribal and urban areas.

  5. Share knowledge and latest developments in pedagogy amongst educators and educationists.

  6. Undertake and support research activities in the field of education.

MFE Supported Programs:

"Samajun-Umajun": Online Teacher Training Courses
In April 2020, as a response to the indefinite closure of schools due to COVID19 lockdown, QUEST launched week-long online courses on Language and Math Pedagogy, for teachers, to address the learning gaps that children will face after staying away from school. The courses were targeted to teachers but attended by parents as well to help them engage meaningfully with children during the lockdown period. With the support of Motivation for Excellence, the fees for the courses were highly subsidized and were easily affordable for teachers from urban as well as rural Maharashtra.

ECCE Palavee Program

Palavee is an intervention visualized to roll out ‘Aakar’, the state ECE curriculum for
Anganwadis developed by Govt. of Maharashtra. The objective of this program is to institutionalize and strengthen the knowledge and skills pertaining to ECE byimplementing the QUEST approach and training in the 293 Anganwadis within Teosa block of Amravati District and Ner Block of Yavatmal District. This project will impact 8451 children (3 to 6 years) directly and 8150 children (0 to 3 years) indirectly.

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